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Jeff and Jo-Ann,
November 2012
"Thank you Tim and Angela for the most amazing kick off to our marriage! Great
scenery, amazing meals and tasty drinks, maybe even a few laughs. We know our
paths will cross again to sing our song again “Where have you gone you
conch-less b……”   Thanks for the trip of a lifetime!

What a trip of a lifetime!! 2 amazing weeks away in the tropics, 9 days in close quarters on a beautiful sailboat with our now great friends, Tim & Angie (our own personal paparazzi).
Many beautiful beaches, lots of rum punch & pain killers to drink, fabulous meals & great fishing for Jeff:a 30lb king mackerel & a 40lb mahi... See you next November St Thomas!
We might need to sell everything we own & move to a sailboat....
Best. Honeymoon. Ever!!!
Thanks Tim & Angela (Spirit) for being the best hosts ever!!! :)"
Rob and Melisa
October 2012

“Thank you for an amazing voyage and a most wonderful journey de-stressing. You are a
wonderful team and now we call you friends!”

Comments to broker:
“We had a fantastic adventure, we felt like we were on holiday with close friends
who know each other’s habits well.

When Angela learned my husband had sugar issues from the preference sheets she
researched and did the food shopping and menu planning accordingly. 
I am a semi-vegetarian and she made sure if my meal was not the same it was certainly exceptional.
The yacht is extremely comfortable and cleaner than any hotel room we’ve ever
stayed in.  Actually it was probably cleaner than most people’s homes.  There
was plenty of shade and the shade locations changed on our positioning
obviously.  There was no reason why you couldn’t sit outside even if you did not want to sit in the sun. 
The boat offered lots of shady spots.  Our bed was better than at home in that I
didn’t feel my husband flipping over during the night.
There is no one thing to like best.  We adore Angie and Tim. 
We loved the food, the sailing, the motoring, our late night hot showers on deck,
the music library, morning video revues, the karaoke, how spotless and clean the boat was,
talking with Tim and Angie. 
The thing we liked the least was leaving!

We never rushed and enjoyed every moment. 

We felt like Tim and Angie went the extra mile without making it look difficult.

We cannot wait to sail again with Tim and Angie.

Rob and Lisa”

John and Kim
September 2012

“Thank you so much for making our honeymoon the most amazing experience; you are both so lovely and kind. We will never forget all of the ‘firsts’ on the Spirit… our
dolphin escort, the flying ray and Angie hand feeding the barracuda!!

We had the most outstanding, continuous banquet of fun and pampering that we have ever experienced. Thanks for going above and beyond on all counts.

Lots of love to you both! We will definitely be back for another sail!!

Kim and John”

Usman and Vanessa
September 2012

"Thank you again Tim and Angie, our stay aboard Spirit exceeded our wildest expectations. Beyond catering to our every whim, you two anticipated our every whim before it even occurred to us! The cuisine was top-notch and our glasses were never empty. After having sailed through the British Virgin Islands with you two, we have travel experiences we will treasure for a lifetime. We had a wonderful time aboard the Spirit, our honeymoon was truly memorable in large part because you two were such gracious hosts. Looking forward to our next boat trip with you guys because we will surely be back!"


Take care,


Vanessa and Usman


Gary and Melissa
July 2012
"Dear Tim and Angie, Thank you for a great week; this will be a trip that we will never forget.
Gary sailed the seas which was what he wanted and I enjoyed the sun and watching the water.
We ate so well - too well - and drank too much - signs of a great vacation.
You made us feel welcome and at home aboard your Spirit. We came aboard as guests but we are leaving as friends!
All the best! Melissa & Gary"
Brian and Melissa
June 2012
"From the moment you meet Tim and Angela you are instantly transported to a world of luxury and exquisite service. The level of service to which we were treated has been unmatched on any vacation we have ever experienced. My wife and I had expected to ride along with the captain and his wife, see beautiful places, eat some good food and spend some quality time together. What we experienced was so much more than that.....

Firstly, Tim and Angela became true friends. It is impossible not to fall in love with their charm, their passion for the life they live (and share), and their outstanding commitment to ensuring the perfect getaway for each guest. Yes, the islands are amazing. Yes, the boat is spectacular. But what set this vacation apart from any other were Tim and Angela. The level of care and attention to detail provided by them is truly a rarity these days in even the most luxurious of hotels and restaurants. Every day was a new experience that we couldn't wait to embark upon.

Close your eyes and picture this.... In the evening Tim and Angela discuss with you the next day’s activities. Laying out the options that await, you choose the course and destination most suited to your liking. Snorkeling, lounging on a secluded beach, bar hopping, shopping, and site seeing - Tim and Angela know the best places for each. Along with that comes the selection of the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner - Greek omelet’s for breakfast, accompanied by coffee, fresh cut fruit and assorted juices. For lunch, shrimp cocktail with a Caesar salad or a grilled Panini perhaps and your choice of hand-made cocktails. For dinner - how about filet mignon wrapped in bacon with lobster tails (from the fisherman who dropped them off boat side the previous day). A bottle of your favorite wine to accompany the three course, five star meal. And for dessert, key lime pie or N.Y. style cheesecake and an after dinner drink of Bailey's as well.

Before you wake up Tim and Angela are hard at work preparing breakfast, emerging from your spacious bedroom you are treated to a preset table of fresh flowers and all of the delights you had chosen the night before. From there, it's topside to take in the amazing scenery and unwind - maybe it's time for a Bloody Mary! As the crew readies the boat to set sail we take our place at the bow to lay out in the sun, read and relax on the way to the next destination. Sailing is a beautiful, calming experience, with nothing but the wind pushing you towards the never ending horizon.

By now it's almost lunch time, the boat is anchored and it's time to fuel up your tummy before your adventure. Would you like to eat on the boat today or would you like to bring it with you to enjoy on the amazing beach you just pulled up to? No problem, Tim will escort you to the beach in the dingy. Don't forget the hand made Rum Punch that Angie just made for you.

After lunch, enjoy whichever activity (or lack thereof) that you chose. It's your day and your vacation as you'll be reminded often so enjoy - Tim and Angela are there to make sure everything is perfect. After your excursion, however calm or wild you wanted it to be, it's time to return to the boat for cocktails and to get ready for dinner.

How romantic can a dinner on the back of Spirit be? You can't even imagine. Some things you just have to experience for yourself and to try and describe it with words would never do it justice; you just have to be there.

After dinner you look up at a sky full of more stars than you knew existed. Tim discreetly hangs the hammock on the front of the bow and escorts you to it. There you rock back and forth with the wind and waves and fall asleep wondering how could tomorrow possibly be any better than today.....but it will be. When it's finally time for bed, Tim and Angela are below deck cleaning up and preparing for your next day. The hardest part of the whole day is truly expressing to these two wonderful people how much you enjoyed yourselves.

Listing all of the extra efforts, small details, and reasons why you should travel with this special pair of people would be robbing you of a wonderful adventure. Just know that your every want and need is tended to in ways most of us have never experienced.

The vacation is not about the destinations (as spectacular and breathtaking as they all were), it's about the journey and experience from one place to the next, and to experience that journey with anything less than the level of passion that Tim and Angela provide to their guests would be a mistake.

Thank you Tim and Angela for the most amazing trip we have ever experienced!

You friends, Brian and Melissa"
Eric and Nicole
May 2012
"Tim and Angie,

Thank you so much for the most amazing honeymoon! We truly cannot think of a better way to have spent our time than on Spirit. It was both relaxing and event filled and the Caribbean really was the perfect place to get both of those.

The both of you did an awesome job making our trip seamless from the moment we stepped on the boat. We were comfortable and felt very well taken care of throughout the entire trip. We loved all of the history and explanation of the area, it added to the beautiful scenery.

Angie's cooking was so delicious and we still think that she needs to write her own cookbook! We really appreciate everything you did for us on our trip including the video and pictures.

We hope to work with the both of you again someday!

I am attaching some of our favorite photos.

Thank you again!

Nicole and Eric"
  Scott and Eve
  April, 2012
Dear Tim & Angie
Most people spend years planning or thinking about the holiday of a lifetime, we were very fortunate enough to win one aboard Spirit through HP. We didn’t have any expectations or really any idea what we were getting ourselves into but we came with an open mind and we were not disappointed.
From the minute we were met at the Marina to the second we said goodbye we were treated like royalty. The whole trip was expertly planned out to meet our requirements despite you only having a few weeks communication with us and the most challenging part of the whole experience was deciding what to have for dessert…
Tim you were our own personal chauffer, tour guide, bbq king and paparazzi! Angie you did amazing things in that small but generously stocked kitchen, I can honestly say the food tasted as good as it looked which was 5 star!
We truly are thankful to you for giving us some life long memories to treasure, and for giving us a lasting memory of your kindness and generosity.

Your thoughtfulness is a work of heart. Thank you.

Scott & Eve

  Collin and Paula
  March, 2012
 Happy Easter Tim & Angie,
 Collin and I been having so much fun telling our friends what a great week we spent with the two of you on Spirit. That week has taken over top spot of the best vacation we’ve ever had.
 From the moment Tim picked us up at Red Hook until we waved our final farewell at Caneel Bay, you treated us like VIP’s. Our comfort and  safety were clearly your top priority.  Tim spent the week filling many roles and doing it superbly: Captain, tour guide, grill master, photographer, snorkel instructor, waiter, butler, sailing instructor (I’m sure I’ve missed some others).
 Angie, you are a very special hostess, cook, mixologist and second mate. You did an amazing job of provisioning all of the food and drinks customized to our tastes. Every mealtime was a joy to look forward to as Angie continued to outdo herself. Meals were beautifully presented, and more importantly, full of flavor and freshness.
 You are both such wonderful hosts. You put us at ease the minute we climbed aboard and spent the rest of the week fulfilling our every want.  We feel so lucky to have had both of you as our personal tour guides through the BVI’s. We visited so many places, learned much about the Islands history, and met some interesting local people, including Foxy and Michael Beans.
 We’re not sure how you did it, but you have a special way of seeming to be constantly waiting on us while at the same time making sure we had all the privacy we needed.
 Some of the highlights of our week include: helping you sail Spirit, snorkeling at the Indians where Tim taught me to dive snorkel, Happy Hours, candlelight dinners every night, conch blowing, seeing dolphins twice, and of course, Tim’s harmonica accompanying Kenny Chesney.
 Another special touch that you give your guests is the video and photo journal of our vacation. It’s been so great to look at those with family and friends since we’ve been home.
 We feel so very lucky to have chosen Spirit and her owners as our hosts for our first visit to the BVI’s. We count you as our newest friends and hope to stay in touch for many years to come.

 Here’s a couple of pictures from our own collection.

  Your new friends, Collin & Paula, Kelowna, British Columbia

 Chris and Carol
 March, 2012
 Tim and Angie: Thank you for welcoming us aboard Spirit. We thoroughly enjoyed our week!

 Angie: We loved your flexibility with the menu and all your meals were exactly what we requested and delicious.

 Tim: We loved our 'Spirited' ride through the seas with you at the helm. You will go down in our books as an extreme 'grillin' captain.

 We can tell you both love Spirit and sharing your life on board with your guests.

 We are leaving happy and relaxed with our new found conch blowing skills.

 Thanks for sharing your floating home with us. We leave with memories of 'lively' sailing, snorkeling, great food and extreme grilling - most of all the fishing!
May we blow the conch together again!


Chris and Carol
Lisa and Craig
February 2012
Tim and Angie ….. I don't even know where to begin to thank you both.
The experience that you provide is such a rare gift. I caught you many times throughout the week making light of it, but I know how difficult it is to provide that kind of specialized experience for couples and you make it seem effortless. My expectations were so high for this trip (planning this surprise for 2+ years!) that exceeding them was a Herculean task and yet you managed beautifully.
Your cooking is sublime. I am in awe of the flavor and presentation. It was like a magic "reveal" every night when the lovely plates would come up out of the galley with bright colors, flair and flavor. I never knew whether to take a picture or a bite first!! I was also impressed by how well you provisioned for us. I know some of our requests were not easy to find and you had all that we asked and more. The ship is also clean as a whistle, not sure how you did all that you did in one day and still managed to smile, sail, cook, have fun w/ us at happy hour and be sure that every last one of ours needs was met. We were falling into bed at night and you were still raring to go!
I think the best part, as many others have commented, is seeing first hand the love, mutual trust and admiration you and Tim have for each other. Your connection is so true, it is inspirational and infectious.
Thanks for the lovely engraved silver champagne flutes and especially for the dvd. Again, something so difficult that you make look easy. Tim followed us everywhere w/ that camera and although I was shy at first it was such a treat to be able to walk in the door at home and pop in the dvd to share w/ our family immediately. We have watched it many times and we've only been home 3 days!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for making Craig's 50th birthday the experience of a lifetime and a memory that will last forever. So glad we could share such a happy occasion with you both. Getting to know you has made our lives richer.

Your friends,

Lisa and Craig
  Ron and Beth
  February 2012
  Though we had been to the USVIs several times, this was our first trip up through the BVIs and our first charter for more than a day. Wow, what a trip! Within an hour of leaving St Thomas, we felt like we had been old friends with Tim and Angie. Tim was the perfect combination of skipper and tour guide, while Angie's menu and hospitality were 5 star.

 Spirit was the perfect means for experiencing the islands - from a quiet night off St John to bar hopping on Jost Van Dyke and
exploring Marina Cay and Virgin Gorda Sound. The people we met along the way made the trip even more special..... Foxy and his great stories, Cynthia and her lobster feast, fellow ex-pat Texan Eric Stone and his Marina Cay happy hour and all the other travelers trying to get lost in Virgin Gorda Sound.

  Tim and Angie planned a great itinerary that combined sailing, exploring, snorkeling, and sightseeing. It had all the requisites for a
perfect, drink, relax and have fun in a beautiful setting.

  Thanks for all your hospitality; it was our best vacation ever. We look forward to seeing you guys again on another charter -
we will definitely be back.

  Safe Travels
  Ron and Beth

David and Romie
January 2012
David and I had a ‘brilliant’ sail with Tim and Angie; sites fantastic, gourmet feasts, gracious hospitality!
Fine food, fine wine, fine friends – what more could you want.
What a great trip! Everything we hoped for – Thank You – We will be back!

   Linda and Michael
   December 2011
   Thank you Tim and Angie for making our 30th anniversary such a memorable event. We are so glad we chose you to cruise
    with and truly enjoyed every minute we spent on Spirit, sailing and visiting the many islands in the USVI and BVI, and sharing
    time with you both.
    You are both wonderful hosts, made sure that our every need was met and ensured that our trip was customized to exactly what
    we wanted to do. We will especially remember the fine gourmet meals, front row seat for the Full Moon Party at Trellis Bay,
    exploring the Baths, spending time with you on Saba Rock, lounging on the beach at Cooper Island, snorkeling at the Indians,
    the champagne lunch at White Bay on Jost Van Dyke, Mike getting to share in the sailing, the fish that got away, and the
    beeping of the timer.
    We love looking at the photos and DVD you made for us and we've been proud to share our experiences with our friends and family.
    We will definitely choose you to sail with again should we get the opportunity in the future...either in the Caribbean or the
    Greek Islands!

Cheryl and Chris
August 2011
We spent our honeymoon aboard Spirit and couldn’t be more pleased with our decision – it was an amazing week! Tim and Angela are the   best at what they do and took care of every detail allowing us to completely relax and enjoy our vacation. Tim and Angela’s knowledge of the waters and islands gave us the confidence that we were in good hands and that we would have the best experience from each place we visited. Our meals were superb in every respect! Angie works wonders in Spirit’s galley and Tim is the ultimate “grill master”. As a team, they served every meal equivalent to that of a 5-star restaurant.

We arrived for our honeymoon one day after Hurricane Irene had passed through the area and were unsure of what to expect. Despite the terribly rough conditions the previous day, Tim and Angela had managed to fully provision the boat and prepare for our charter. We were greeted with champagne and hors d’oeuvres, and got underway in time to enjoy grilled fish for dinner at peaceful Maho Bay in St. John.

On the personal side, Tim and Angie are a wonderful couple and their love and respect for each other was heartwarming. They are truly special people and it was a privilege to get to know them and spend time together. We highly recommend chartering with Tim and Angela – you won’t be disappointed!

   Alison and Mike
   August, 2011
 "From the moment we stepped aboard Spirit to the moment we left, Tim and
  Angela showered us with great hospitality. Whether it was managing our
  itinerary, displaying their incredible knowledge of the islands, or Angie
  preparing outstanding meals, they had us completely covered from beginning to
  end. For the record, Angie is a genius in the kitchen. All of our food was not only
  fresh and absolutely delicious, but beautifully presented. They are experts at what
  they do and take great pride in the services they provide. Watching the teamwork
  and partnership Tim and Angie display is nothing short of inspiring. They have a
  unique passion for life. For those in search of the right yacht charter, we
  HIGHLY recommend choosing Tim and Angie.

  Our expectations were greatly exceeded. Not only did we have an unforgettable
  honeymoon, our lives have been made richer for having met Tim and Angie.
  Our gratitude is boundless, we had so much fun and hope to see you again soon.
  Love, Alison & Mike

     Neil and Amanda
     July 2011
     "Dear Tim & Angie
     Our excellent hosts and new friends. Thank you for 'Spiriting' us around these
     paradise islands and making all our dreams come true.

     It was a holiday that way surpassed our highest expectations"

     Neil and Amanda"

Paul and Lynn
June 2011
"From the moment you step foot on Spirit until the moment
you step off you are in “The Zone”. “The Zone”, of course, refers to an
unmitigated state of fun and relaxation.
Although by definition the Spirit is a sailboat; in
actuality it is a wind-borne B&B shepherding its passengers from island to
island. Your hosts and crew aboard Spirit, Tim and Angela Cordts, are two of
the friendliest individuals you will ever meet. As the days slowly progress you
will come to the realization that you are not sailing with hosts and crew, but
rather with two new friends that have welcomed you into their home. Their
knowledge of sailing, coupled with their knowledge of the islands insures that
you will have the trip of a lifetime.
What you do is up to you. Want to helm the boat? You can
do that. Want to hoist the jib and main sail? You can do that. Want to fish?
You can do that. Want to snorkel? You can do that. Want to anchor up and head
into a beach bar? You can do that. Want to anchor in a secluded cove for a
romantic dinner aboard? You can do that. Want to do absolutely nothing but lime
with a drink in your hand? Well, you get the idea… This was our sixth trip to
the Caribbean, and by far our best.

Now, nothing less but another adventure with Spirit will
suffice. We are already planning our next one. Do yourself a favor and book the
Spirit for your sailing vacation. You will not be disappointed.

With the Fondest of Memories"
Paul and Lynn 
Shane and Jacque
May 2011
"My wife and I spent our honeymoon on the Spirit and had an excellent time.
From the minute Tim picked us up the entire trip was absolutely amazing.
Tim and Angela were the perfect hosts. As soon as we came aboard they greeted
us with a bottle of champagne and made us feel right at home.
We spent our honeymoon sailing from island to island eating
Angela's excellent cooking (and I do mean excellent). Tim knows the area like
the back of his hand and took us to many unique destinations. He was even able
to find us a totally deserted island on which to spend part of one afternoon!
It was very much like something out of a movie. We were totally pampered on
this trip and we lacked for absolutely nothing. Tim and Angela thought of
everything. The Spirit itself is a great boat. It is extremely well maintained and is very comfortable.
Its bow cabin is large and spacious as are the dining and cockpit areas. The Spirit is a large
boat and its size afforded my wife and me a great deal of privacy. The Spirit even has air conditioning,
something that is sorely lacking from most charters.
My wife and I travel frequently and this was by far our best trip. For anyone looking for the ultimate getaway,
we both highly recommend sailing with Tim and Angela on the Spirit."

   Jill and Doug
   April 2011
  "Our trip aboard the Spirit was a total departure from our everyday life - just what we needed!  My husband, Doug, 
  surprised me with the trip for my 50th birthday and I couldn't have wished for a better gift! 
  From our first moments aboard the Spirit, Tim and Angie made us feel pampered, welcoming us with a champagne toast with
  engraved silver flutes.  The rest of our time aboard was no less special.  Besides being a very interesting and friendly pair,
  Tim and Angie were very particular about making sure our trip was what we wanted it to be.  They shared some of their extensive
  sailing knowledge with us and let us pilot the boat, showed us all the must see places - Foxy's, The Baths, The Indians -  
  as well as the interesting out of the way ones - Sugar Mills at Francis Bay, Sandy Key and Sandy Spit. 
  Our meals were excellent and tailored to our liking.  We are still sighing with content when we recall our time in the BVI and
  hope to return for more adventures."
  Victoria and Steven
  February 2011
 "Dear Tim & Angela,
 Thanks to you both so much for sharing your home with us while treating us like the King and Queen
 of the BVI!

 We had the most exciting adventure on The Spirit & will definitely look back on that time as one of the best
 weeks of our lives!
 Big big kiss"

   Tatia and Lisa
   November 2010
  “Our Voyage on Spirit
   Plenty excitement mixed with fun, 
   Beautiful beaches, lots of rum!
   We made the nine knot club with our new friends,
   Sure hate to see it come to an end.                                                                   
   We hope to see you again someday,
   In Greece, the Caribbean or Tampa Bay.                                                                               
   Thanks so much for a wonderful time Tim and Angie!"
   David and Vanessa
   October 2010
 “Tim and Angie have given us the perfect honeymoon!
   Tim is a great captain who clearly enjoyed teaching us newbies some sailing tricks.
   He knows every nook and cranny of the BVI and thanks to him, now we do too!
   As his Angie works miracles in the kitchen, and managed to please us (both great foodies) with
   everything she prepared.  
   They have incredible eye for detail and form a great team, taking care of us and at the same time
   allowing us to enjoy each other’s company in private whenever we wanted.
   Spirit is wonderful, a quick and modern yacht – and kept in impeccable state.”

Howard, Barbara and Carolyn 
October 2010
 Thank you so much again for what I will consider one of the most enjoyable days I've ever experienced.  And to think I was always afraid of sailing!  Boy what I've been missing.  Between sailing with you for the day and being invited to a reception at the Governor's mansion and getting to meet Governor de Jongh and First Lady Camille, this was one of the best trips we've ever had to the USVI.

You and Angie are the perfect team and consummate host and hostess.  I thoroughly enjoyed your company, knowledge of the islands, flora and fauna.  And then there was the food.

Angie is a genius in the kitchen.  Every meal was done to perfection and there was no skimping on the portions. 
Thank you so much again and happy sailing.  I hope to see both of you again on our return trip to St. Thomas/St. John

Beth and John 
August 2010
 Thank you for the perfect honeymoon! We really enjoyed our time aboard Spirit and all the efforts you went to to personalize our experience.  We couldn’t have asked for a more fun, or exciting, or better documented vacation! We really enjoyed spending time with both of you – thank you for all of the fun!
Clarice and Peter 
August 2010
 We chartered Spirit to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We laughed so much. Our joy at being able to relax, enjoy each other, see so many beautiful fish, stars, coral, plants, play the conchs at sunset and experience so many other wonderful adventures was incredible. We thank Tim and Angela for sharing Spirit with us.
Shannon and Yvonne
October 2010
I had a WONDERFUL time. The charter was everything I dreamed of and more.

Rob and Cathy
April 2010

"I am so so so happy.

These two people made you feel special all the time and cared for you like family. To me that is the greatest compliment I can give.

Tim taught me more about sailing in the time we had together then I have had in any class room for the past 30 years. Angie was simply amazing from the galley to the helm. The two are so well matched it almost made me jealous. The service, food, and drinks are all outstanding. The yacht is maintained to the highest standards. I cannot recommend or write enough good things about this couple.

When we left Friday my wife was in tears for leaving our new friends. Tim came ashore to walk us through getting our rental car, helping us get food, and put us on the right road to our next location.

I wanted to stay with them another week."

Alan and Lara 
March 2010
 Thanks Tim and Angie,  We had a great time and hope to do it again next year with you.

We're very happy to provide recommendations for future charters.  You really went out of your way to provide amazing service for us and meet all of our needs. (including the delayed baggage pickup.)

Aditya and Voila 
February 2010
 We guys just can’t forget you and don’t want to. You guys made us have such a wonderful time that we are talking about you guys where ever we go. It was absolutely amazing. From your hospitality to your food to the professionalism on board , you name it and it was there. We both had a very memorable trip with you and will treasure this all our lives.
Steve & Kathleen
January 2010
 Just a quick note of thanks for the wonderful time you showed Kathy & I onboard of Spirit last week.  Since this was our first time chartering, we weren’t sure what to expect.  You both were so nice and accommodating, we felt right at home.  Angie, your cooking was amazing, and Tim couldn’t have been a better host.

I’ve already forwarded your website on to a few of my friends, so you may be hearing from them!  We will definitely keep you in mind for whenever we plan another vacation .

   Kathleen & Justin
   December 2009
   "Dear Tim and Angela - our musical Captain and magical chef - and our newest friends,

   Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful sailing vacation that exceeded all of our expectations!
   You are the most wonderful hosts and made us feel so welcome in your home. Spirit is gorgeous.
   We can't wait to come back for our next trip with you. Thank you again!
   All the best,"

Thanks to all our guests for your generous comments and for choosing to "Catch the Spirit" - Tim and Angie